Notes on the start of the summer semester 2021

Dear students of FEIT,

We are pleased to welcome you to our faculty for the summer semester. There will still be some restrictions in this summer semester. This means that the majority of the courses will be held digitally. Some laboratory practicals or small exercises can be carried out in attendance, subject to compliance with hygiene regulations. You will receive more detailed information on the procedure from the responsible lecture.

To participate in the courses, please register for the corresponding courses in the LSF. Please note the different registration deadlines. The registration for the individual courses is important so that the responsible lecturer can contact you using this registration form and inform you about the further individual procedure for the course. Therefore, please check your student e-mail box regularly.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact the responsible lecturer.

Information and Publicity

On 22.04.2021, the Future Day 2021 will take place in consideration of the current situation. The faculty will be represented with exciting offers, partly to participate.

Information and Publicity

As part of the third MINTchallange "MINTeinander im Dialog - Neue Wege in der Wissenschafts-kommunikation" (MINTeinander in Dialogue - New Ways in Science Communication), the quiz was awarded as one of ten best practice examples.

Information and Publicity

Engineers from Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg have been elected to the board of the Faculty Association for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology FTEI for the first time.

Study and Teaching

An insight into the basics of electromagnetic compatibility was given to seven students of the master's programme "EEIT" from GRIAT in the form of an online block seminar.

Research and Development

By using optimized turbines, environmentally friendly tidal hydroelectric power plants will be able to generate "green" electricity much more efficiently in the future. Engineers at Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg are developing blades with built-in motors for this purpose.

Study and Teaching

In the two-week project seminar Electrical Engineering/Information Technology, our students will gain insights into programming in MATLAB as well as in sensors, actuators and robotics.

Last Modification: 21.04.2021 - Contact Person: Dipl.-Kffr. Birgit Magdowski